David Barthel

David BarthelDavid Barthel has been photographing the natural world for over fifteen years. His early interest in photography began about a decade before that when he bought his first camera (for $10) at the age of eight years with money he had received as a gift. As a young adult, a developing passion for the rugged landscape surrounding Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior converged with David’s increasing interest in nature and landscape photography, igniting a creative spark that still drives his pursuits today. After a brief stint as an electrical engineer, which abruptly ended in 2008 (thanks to the Great Recession), David turned to landscape photography full-time and hasn’t looked back! He considers himself equally a scientist/engineer and an artist, striving for both technical excellence and artistic merit in his work. David’s mastery of cutting-edge technique, both in the field and in processing, is evident in his bold landscape imagery of the Lake Superior region and the American West. David’s work has received several awards and has been featured in a variety of national and regional magazines and publications, ranging from Minnesota Monthly to Outdoor Photographer. Since 2011, David has exhibited his photography at juried fine art festivals throughout the Upper Midwest, where his work is purchased for display in homes and businesses around the world. My goal as a fine art landscape and nature photographer is to discover, capture, and present the moods of unique subjects and decisive moments that are consistent with my vision of the natural world. Photography brings me to locations of incredible natural beauty, some of which are threatened by our increasing human presence. Through my work, I increasingly understand and share the value of these places we are so privileged to explore. My process begins with a digital camera, but does not stop at merely recording the nexus of a fascinating and well-composed subject in singular light. I further achieve my vision through the use of sophisticated “digital darkroom” processing techniques learned over years of experience which allow me to reveal the mood that I felt during the moment of capture. Some of these techniques involve blending multiple raw images of a scene, with varied exposure and/or focus, to overcome the camera’s inability to “see” what I see. This process culminates in exquisite fine art prints that add beauty and character to homes and offices. Fine art prints of my work are made using archival materials and inks that meet or exceed museum standards for longevity. I offer limited-edition prints on both museum-grade canvas and deckled-edge fine art paper. Each image printed on canvas, all sizes and presentations inclusive, is numbered in an edition of 250. Each framed print on deckled-edge fine art paper is numbered in all sizes in a separate edition of 250. Most prints that are not on canvas or hand-torn edge fine art paper are offered as open editions.

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