Brian Hauke

In March 2016 Brian Hauke returns to Biltwell Restaurants as Executive Chef at The Third Bird. Having travelled from traditional kitchens to molecular gastronomy and back again, Brian is passionate about letting quality ingredients and classical cooking techniques speak for themselves. At The Third Bird he looks forward to cooking with fire, and plans to explore innumerable elemental techniques and seasonal ingredients to their fullest extent. Recently, Brian was Instructor at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts; a full-circle return to his alma mater. After Le Cordon Bleu, Brian’s nomadic path of culinary exploration included an externship at Sun Valley, and working under Lee Hefter at Wolfgang Puck’s 20.21 the year he won the James Beard award. Next, he worked with three-time Beard nominee Craig Beale in Charleston at Cyprus. This experience with seafood seasonality expanded exponentially at Red Stag Supperclub, where he was Executive Chef and worked directly with farmers to create branding for both the restaurant and farms with seasonal produce. Next, Brian fulfilled a dream by developing a craft cocktail bar from ideation to critical acclaim at Merchant in Madison, where he immersed himself in the local Madison culture of artisan engagement with food and beverage. Then, the culinary adventures ramped up: Brian was a private chef based in the Bahamas but travelling the world. This provided him the opportunity to experience worldly flavors and techniques, including a stag at Grant Achatz’s Alinea in Chicago. Spill the Wine gave him a chance to play with the idea of ownership. For the bulk of his career, he has had the unlikely opportunity to be both adventurer and the guy in charge; a rarity in the culinary world. Recently inducted into a Sri Lankan family, chef Brian Hauke has a new lease on how to relate to intimacy through food and conviviality. A meal is now so much more than good food; it’s about building relationships, friendship, family, and community. This combination will be the foundation of his helm at The Third Bird, a restaurant founded on the principle of reciprocal, shared experiences.

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