Ashley Dull

Ashley DullAshley Dull’s light-filled paintings seek to connect each of us to the peace within. From the time she was a small child, growing up on a farm in picturesque Northeast Iowa, she desired to create. By age nine, Ashley had her first piece of artwork on public display. Her paintings are a tool to explain what is beyond words – pure unconditional love, joy, hope, and peace. Ashley lives in Minnesota with her wonderful husband and two amazing children. When she isn’t chasing her little ones around, she works passionately in her studio. Her work is currently represented in local and out of state galleries, and Ashley is honored to have her paintings in many private collections. Driven to inspire the world with her work, she is so excited to have launched this new online gallery in 2017. “Somewhere between my head and my hand, my deep connection to the Earth brings the images in my paintings to life. I love nature and all that it represents: calm, peace, joy, beauty, change and new life. I believe there is so much to learn from nature if one takes a moment in solitude with it’s beauty and wisdom. This is when I feel closest to God and have come to understand who we really are – or who we are called to be. This is why I paint the light. If each of us can find that divine spark within and follow the light of love and peace, I believe true healing and transformation of ourselves and our world can and will happen. If I can help someone feel a connection to the world around them and a sense of purpose in this life, then I know I have done right by my talent.”

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