Amanda Day

Amanda Day is a passionate and professional actress, voiceover talent, host and print model. She began her acting career at the age of five, as the star that led the Wiseman to Jesus. So everything’s been pretty much down from there. Amanda’s lived and traveled all over the world and brings that sensibility and curiosity to all of her work. Her commercial clients include Target, Best Buy, General Mills and many many more. She loves the challenge of bringing someone’s vision to life. Amanda has had the opportunity to work on many feature length and short films and loves every minute of being onset. Her work includes drama, action, comedy and of course the zombie genre. Trained in guns, swords and fight choreography she excels in powerful female roles but is ever intrigued by the quiet nuance of drama and the sorrow and joy that come with it. She has been cast as the lead in many feature-length films as well as short films, episodic and edudramas and has hosted both taped and live events. Amanda loves cooking for and spending time with her friends and family, reading, dancing, exploring the wild and wonderful world and men in kilts.

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