Scott Baker


What began as a hobby more than twenty years ago is now a life fulfilling opportunity. I am fortunate to share through photography the grandeur and uniqueness of the world. I have photographed many beautiful locations – landscapes, architecture, and experiences all across the USA, Europe, and Africa. Asia and South America coming soon! My imagination and fascination with photography was first awakened when I travelled to Utah and the National Parks in the West. The brilliant red, orange, and yellow rock formations contrasted against the cloudless blue skies instantly captivated my attention and ignited my creative spirit. I decided then that I wanted to share through images the amazing beauty of these unusual, fascinating locations with family and friends who were unable to see it firsthand.
Since that first eye-opening experience in the Southwest, I have traveled the world photographing landscapes and along the way developed an admiration for architecture as well. From the Pantheon in Rome, the unique architecture of Morocco, the 16th century ruins in the Caribbean, to ordinary structures without historical significance, I am awed by the endurance, diversity, and structure of the architectural world.
I am fortunate to make a living doing what I love. I specialize in hotels & luxury resorts and travel photography for the hospitality industry. Interiors, exteriors, food, lifestyles, and travel photography are my forte. I am proud to be a Marriott and Hyatt brands preferred photographer which has opened many doors of opportunity as well.
I enjoyed a 20-year career in marketing and advertising before picking up a camera. I developed ad campaigns, worked with creative agencies, and created marketing plans. That experience has served me well. I understand what a client needs and can translate that into outstanding images that evoke an emotional response and sell the location.
Following my creative passion has been one of the best decisions in my life. I get to create beautiful images for my hotel, resort, and travel clients. I get to travel to exotic locations, photograph amazing landscapes, and experience different cultures. Absolutely no regrets! I’m grateful and blessed!

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