I was born in Israel to a family of musicians. I feel very blessed to be involved in the fields of lounge electronica music production, song writing and cello & vocal performance.
I’ve been playing the cello for 30 years but it wasn’t until 9 years ago that I discovered my new passion for songwriting. My artistic style is a blend of “East meets West” cultures, philosophies, energies, sounds. Love the fusion between the Romantic Brahms’s strings music verses the current contemporary styles like electronic alternative rock, Trip hop and the easy going vibes with padded synthesized sounds from groups like Air, Morceeba, Zero 7 for example. I amclassically trained with much orchestral and chamber music experience. I was a member of the New World Symphony Orchestra (season 2000-2002) after I completing my studies at the New England Conservatory of Music, (Boston MA) where I received my BA in Cello Performance with Prof. Laurence Lesser.
As a teen, I attended an intimate music department at the Wizo Canada School of the Arts which is I still keep in a special place in my heart for helping me discovering the joy of improvising on the stage. That was where I found the first connection with my “creative juice”.
Listening to a live performance of The Guarneri Quartet was another powerful milestone in my musical development. It inspired me to develop a passion for the ideal sound blending and some intense listening skills. When I discovered my new passion for sound engineering I felt the need to reroute my interest into many more contemporary styles of music and so begun my journey into songwriting.
Today my collection of original material includes about 80 pieces of music. My CD “Nocturnal” is available on iTunes
My new album is due in July 1st 2015 and will include all new original material, including a cover of a Radiohead song- All i need. My aspiration is to perform at a higher level of consciousness in order to uplift many people through my music.

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