Ricardo Brown


Ricardo Brown A.K.A Reko Music, is a professional Gospel/Jazz/Classical musician and vocalist who performs at churches, festivals and entertainment venues throughout the east coast. Ricardo’s main love is the flute but he also enjoys playing the keyboard, soprano sax, and singing. He has recorded and performed with Deliverance gospel band, The Musicologist, The Katz DownStairz, The Broward Community Orchestra, Derrick Haddon, and Donnie McClurkin, among others. Ricardo Brown is most proud of not only being an accomplished musician and vocalist, but being able to us his gifts to bring others joy. He studied music at Douglas Anderson School of The Arts and later at The Broward County Youth Conservatory. A native of Florida, Ricardo has lived in Miami , Ft. Lauderdale, and now is a current resident of Jacksonville, FL.Ricardo can be reached

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