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Thanks for stopping by our website. We are Rae and Wesley Leytham, a husband and wife photography partnership located in the beautiful Florida Panhandle. We have three daughters as you can see to the left. Avery is now eight and our twins, Maggie & Saylor are age five. When we’re not working, we love to spend family time on our boat and raft up at our favorite secluded beaches, or take off in our RV to explore nature and God’s creations outside the city limits. We’re also fanatic Disney passholders, and can sometimes be caught sneaking off to Orlando on long weekends. We like to have fun. We’re “that” family who dresses up for Halloween together. We live every day to laugh, and act as if it could be our last. Wesley is a cancer survivor with 15 years in remission now which taught us early on that every day should be one to remember. Our family is our most important asset, and we cherish every moment together when we’re not working searching for new experiences our girls will never forget. We began Rae Leytham Photography in 2002. We were best friends in high school before marrying at the ages of 23 & 24. Our commitment to our awesome and loving marriage also carries over to our work as we strive for perfection every time we pick up a camera. We understand the value of hard work, and we put our heart and soul into our business every day. We are not just looking for clients, we are looking for new friends as most of our clients have become. We have photographed some of the most luxurious weddings in the country with 1000 guests to some of the most beautiful beach elopements with 10 cherished family members. We have the experience and knowledge to handle anything that comes our way.
Rae has a degree in Biology from the pretigious Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, and had a career in Crime Scene Forensics before committing herself to full time photography. Wesley has an Associates Degree in Design and Computer Graphics, and he spent many years in the Civil Engineering field before also dedicating himself full time to our business. Photography is our passion, and it takes a special relationship to work side by side with your spouse as we have done now for 9 years full time. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Who wouldn’t want to work with their best friend every day For more info on how we work for you, see our Q&A session under the info tab.

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