Nestor Zurita


Nestor is an accomplished alto Saxophonist, Composer, Educator, with deep convictions. He believes that live music is essential to human growth and that music helps connect people to God, to themselves, and to others. It transcends political, economic, and religious barriers. Nestor has played thousands of concerts around the world many of them for underprivileged audiences. Through his music he has always promoted the value of social justice and democracy. He has also played for President Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama. Nestor plays and composes in many genres, including Jazz, Classical music, Fusion, World music and Latin jazz. He is also one of the most proficient EWI (electronic wind instrument) players, crushing boundaries with his creations.
Nestor plays globally, his engagements spanning Italy, France, Spain, South America, and throughout the United States. It is his conviction that music connects us all and that through it’s magic we can create change in the world. He believes that music is the answer, not the question.
Nestor studied at the New School of Jazz, Manhattan School of Music, and Miami Dade College.
His teachers include Bobby Watson & Steve Slagel. Nestor was Director of the Jazz Department of the National Conservatory of Ecuador and directed the Classical Saxophone Program in that Conservatory. Nestor has played with Steve Lacy, Jovinho Santos Neto, Omar Sosa, Ed Calle, among others. An avid composer, Nestor has written over three hundred pieces of music that fuse element from countries around the world. In Miami he leads: Latin Jazz Ensemble; Middle Eastern Jazz Project; The Jewish Jazz Project; and many others. Nestor is the Director of Music Without Borders, Inc.

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