Nadya Sudjaja

Nadya Sudjaja“I am uprooted. In the sense that I left elsewhere, South-East Asia, to plant my roots in another “elsewhere”, the United States. Music has always been my passport to go from one country to another.” Nadya Sudjaja; (born 21st October) is a Philippine born and USA-naturalized singer-actress. Born in Rizal, she began performing at the age of seven and recorded a children’s album two years later. Nadya, belonging to a business-oriented family, traveled through Asia and the Pacific, The Middle East, Europe and North America. Being well traveled at a young age, Nadya’s eye were opened to see the world as they are. She is given the talent of hearing what’s in her listener’s hearts. Nadya turning into a young woman is only the beginning of a vast adventure which she started in Thailand.
With her dreams of sharing her stories through music, Nadya, on her own, left the Philippines in 2003 to pursue an international career. After two years struggling in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, she flew to Europe to try a new music arena. Here she met a Spanish restauranteur Juan Carlos Doso and introduced her to the founders of NOF GALLERY where she performed before expatriates and locals alike in Florence, Italy. Her first international performance garnered notariety within the communities of Central Europe and closed the gap between Europe and Asiad in front of her very eyes. Nadya’s spirit was empowered and decided to conquer the music scene in North America. Since then, Nadya has released another four studio albums as well as a featuring music that touched her life in her journey. Nadya’s linguistic acumen allowed her to interpret songs in various languages; Italian, Malay, Indonesian, Spanish, Tagalog and English to mention a few. Her singles, “Bayang Bayang Ilusi” and “Biarkan”, garnered a following and featured in the ReverbNation’s charts in the United States, while “Mimpi (Dreams)”, “Tila” and “Ikaw” garnered a following not only in the Philippines and Indonesia but also in Malaysia, Japan and France.
Nadya, one of the few successful Asian artist who ventured into multiple markets outside Asia, which not many Asian artist have accomplished or even dared to dream. Nadya is now immortalized through music by being one of the handful of Filipino-American artist to rank in European and American Indie & World charts. Aside from her musical career, Nadya has been involved in numerous environmental and humanitarian work. She has been fighting for many causes which involves gender equality, hunger and bullying.

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