Miguel A. Hine


Miguel A. Hine was originally born in San Jose, Costa Rica. Being born into an upper class political family, Miguel as a baby Miguel was fortunate enough to be able to travel and live within the United States. In places such as San Francisco, CA. and New York City. Miguel’s true home and where he was raised was raised in Miami, FL. Thankfully within this small elite gorgeous island named, The City of Key Biscayne, FL. Where Miguel still resides today. “It’s paradise out here, we have a beautiful history that dates back to the pirate age’s, a private beach, The Biscayne bay. A safe promising community, With a close bunch of laid back accomplished islander’s. “Key Rat’s!! As there traditionally called. I couldnt of imagined a better more inspiring place to have grown up to be honest. It reflects in my work.

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