Lorial Annie Wilson

Lorial Annie WilsonLorial Annie Wilson – is affectionately known as “Simply Annie.” Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Annie and her parents relocated to Miami, Florida when she was 9 years old. It was then, that Annie’s passion for hair styling motivated her to become a young and successful Entrepreneur. Her love for hair motivated her to start her own business. At the tender age of 9, she started doing her Neighbor’s hair in her vicinity. Her designs and creations were endless, unique and visionary. With the encouragement and support from her family and friends she decided to take her love of hairstyling to a professional level. She attended Dudley’s Cosmetology School where she excelled at the top of her class. Mastering all techniques in every aspect of hair, Annie’s career took off when she worked with Serena Williams at the 2001 Wimbledon. Since then the word began to spread about Simply Annie’s innovative styles. Maintaining a portfolio of high quality work and flawless creations is how she is able to serve her multitude of high profile clientele. Simply Annie has worked with well-renowned Celebrities such as Keysha Cole, Rihanna, Keke Palmer, Tracy Ellis Ross, Mary J Blige, and Beyonce, to name a few. Additionally, she was has been the lead Stylist on numerous music videos, commercials and has had her work featured in top selling hair magazines. She has also worked with top CNN Journalist, Soledad O’Brien. Annie is presently contracted to the Miami Heat Dancers (the most popular Dance Team in the NBA) as the primary hair stylist for their 2010 basketball season to provide a full array of hair services. Annie has taken the art of hair styling to another level being a jack of all trades and a master of fun techniques. Annie is an all-round versatile Stylist who can work on any texture or types of hair. She has over 20 years in the Hair industry. She makes all her clients comfortable and exceeds expectations. She believes in mastering old techniques and innovating new ones, to accommodate each of her client’s personal sense of style. She is currently open to moving her career into working on more film and television projects allowing her to expand her career and afford her the ability to create and express herself doing the one thing she loves the most, hair styling.

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