KATE-MARGRET has the coolest sound to come out of Florida in a long time 
In 2011 Kate-Margret won an international talent Competition “Atlantic Breeze“ in Miami Florida. Soon she got offered a contract and signed a major deal with a world known Label “WMA” and soon after she started getting different offers from composers, producers and artists for all different events and projects. At this point in her great career just started to lift off!Kate-Margret’s first album recorded in 2012, was soon released world-wide and have gotten huge amount of attention with such songs as “Rush in Love” and “Cool Me Down”.
A great collaboration for one of “Snoop Dogs” songs where Kate-Margret did a great job fitting to the Hip-Hop genre with another hit song released by Wma Label. Her next project “Boy you make a Difference” with Jamaican influenced beats and producer in 2013, has taken the world by surprise and showed everyone that she is an international star now. Next fallowed an amazing collaboration with a billboard artist Mad Cobra
Between recording new songs or filming interviews and music videos, Kate-Margret is more then just a beautiful name and person, she is a collection of fun energy and amazing voice. Her music career is expanding ultra fast with great outcome and an international fan base.
“I love my career, love singing my songs, love my time in the studio, love to wake up and have a view of the ocean, love the sun, love to sing for you all, I’m so happy! I can’t imagine my life without music, without music life wouldn’t be the same.”
I am a Singer. Please view my website www.kate-margret.com .You have seen me in Itunes, Amazon and up to 1000 store more. I under management WMA Label if you are interested in booking me for a event, hostess, magazine etc.

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