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Joanne Togati is a classically trained award winning Opera singer with a large Jazz repetoire which also includes popular crossover favorites. She has been the recipient of the Marymount College Opera Workshop Scholarship as well as having been invited to sing with the Lyric Academy of Rome. She has been a young artist with Del’Arte Opera in NYC and recently attended a master class with Neil Semer in Coesfeld, Germany. Her classical training was only the beginning. Joanne has sung many genres from gospel, to rock, to folk and has been the front man and co-writer of The Serpent and the Apple out of NYC, with members that have gone on to European tours including former member Ray Belli of Arc Iris and James Quinlan, recently invited to play with the BeeGees. She played many venues along the East Coast and such conferences as the Millenium Music Conference and Harvard Square, Boston. She has played with top notch performers and she is truly a unique performer herself. Being from NYC she grew up taking in the great culture of her hometown. She frequented many of the great jazz clubs and sat in with the best of them. Joanne trained at NYU’s opera program for undergrad, and was a scholarship student at New World School of the Arts during her studies. She is also a trained actress which brings an even deeper dimension to her show.
In the past I have worked with Caren Levine of the Metropolitan Opera, and to date I am working with the Randy Bernsen (Gracenotes) and David Nizri on my original music. I have also recorded a jazz album entitled Love that you can find on iTunes. I have a large jazz repertoire which includes many contemporary songs as well. If you would like to hire me for larger shows I work with terrific players of the highest caliber and can add a saxophone, trumpet, upright bass, violin, percussion and keys. I sing contemporary top 40 tunes from Rihanna to Katy Perry, and cover acts like ZZ Ward, Sky Ferreira, Bob Marley, ColdPlay, Imagine Dragons, Fiona Apple and many more. If you would like to hire me alone, I am available to do an 4 hour show with tracks. All shows with specified tracks need to be booked a month in advance. Thank yor.

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