James Minns


I traveled with my family as a child while my Dad worked in the oil fields. From a young age, I traveled extensively, being fortunate enough to live and travel to in some of the most beautiful places in and around the Mediterranean Sea, like Malta, Sicily, Cyprus, and Cairo. Looking back at photos of my childhood, I’m amazed at how much my upbringing influenced the artistic creativity that holds true for me today. My Mom always sought to expose me and my sister to culture and art – something I was quite fortunate to do. Over the years, I was transfixed by famous Renaissance artists Botticelli and Michelangelo. I spent time studying Rembrandt paintings in my home, looking deeper, noticing all the small, minute details, especially ones left in the shadows. It was at this time, I would begin to appreciate fine art details, and most importantly, the details you cannot see with your eyes but you can feel through your emotions. Over the last several years, I spent time as a fashion and editorial photographer in Miami, Florida. It was here that I started using light as a way to find the tiny details the same way they came up in the paintings I saw as a child. It wasn’t long after creating bridal portraits that I soon fell in love and got married to a beautiful, supportive, and creative woman. It was at this point, with my lovely bride Caitlyn by my side, I knew by combining the love of making art and capturing people’s passion in images, that I had created my valued philosophy of “relationship first,” something I cherish with my each of my clients.
I believe it is not just the beautiful photo that lets me know I did a good job, it is that from the beginning to the end, everyone had an amazing experience to accompany the beautiful photos. I stay in touch with many of my clients even years after their photoshoots. “I create clients, and most importantly, friends for life.”

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