Gypsy Lane


Meet GYPSY LANE, South Florida’s PREMIERE VARIETY PARTY SHOW BAND. What makes this band special, besides seeing them all hyped on stage (I mean nobody stands still) are their deep roots in PARTY music. The original members were the backing musicians for such groups as the VILLAGE PEOPLE, RITCHIE FAMILY, INSTANT FUNK etc, which were some of the great party bands of the era. After going separate ways and performing with such artists as PATTI LA BELLE, CINDY LAUPER & LOU RAWLS; and recording and producing with many of the Gamble & Huff artists including PHYLLIS HYMAN, O’ JAYS etc, JAMES BROWN, TITO PUENTE JR and 2 UNLIMITED, two of the original members brought GYPSY LANE back and into the Florida PARTY scene. Bring in some young blood including one sexy South African girl from the theater world, one black rock musician from Atlanta and the soul of the GOSPEL and JAZZ world, and you got a world explosion of PARTY music. Everything from Mo’town to Reggae, from Soul to Funk, from Disco to HipHop … you’ll be sure to “shake your booty” to the PARTY sounds of GYPSY LANE.?

ALFONSO C (Philadelphia) plays bass and sings for the group. He was in the VILLAGE PEOPLE BAND, GYPSY LANE and played on all their hits including YMCA. He then joined the ALL SPORTS BAND. He also played bass for PATTI LA BELLE for 12 years and toured with many other famous artists including CINDY LAUPER, LUTHER VANDROSS and RICK DERINGER

KARINA C (South Africa) sings, plays Midi Wind Controller and Keys for the group. She started in theater and opera and has performed pro. in the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and OKLAHOMA. She recorded a couple of dance singles for BMG and “Do the Right Thing” with RUPAUL. She performs shows and records jingles for POWER 96 and does backgrounds for many artists.

LARRY D (Philadelphia) plays keyboards, trumpet and sings for the group. He was in the VILLAGE PEOPLE BAND, GYPSY LANE, then INSTANT FUNK. He then wrote and arranged for GAMBLE & HUFF artists such as O JAYS, PHYLLIS HYMAN and LOU RAWLS etc. and also produced and remixed various projects with artists such as JAMES BROWN, TITO PUENTE JR and the sports theme anthem by 2 UNLIMITED.

SHAWN T (Atlanta) plays guitar, percussion and sings for the group. He made his mark in Atlanta playing with rock groups such as FAIRCHILD and HIRED GUNS. He then moved on to R&B and Blues playing with JESSIE GRAHAM, WILLIE HILL, RICKIE ANDREWS and LUTHER JOHNSON.

ANDREW C (Philadelphia) plays drums for the group. Made big noise playing with the indoor drumline team representing UPPER DARBY USA and placing 3rd in the world. He also worked and played for DISNEY. The band also features many special guests artists including JOHNNY O, HARRY BAYRON (electric violin and vocals), MELISSA STOKES, JOHNIE HICKS, LIONEL HARRISON, TONY WILSON, DOUG WALKER, JOE F, ERIC WOODS, JOHN D, MIKE WALSH, JAMES C, DOUG D, PAT DE LEON, BRIAN GIL & “da HORN PLAYAS” AND the “HOT” GYPSY Dancers.

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