GUALOBorn into a family of creatives in Caracas, Venezuela in 1991, Eduardo “Gualo” Jaramillo picked up on the musical vein not long after migrating to Miami, FL with his mother and bother in 1998. It was in the fourth grade when he heard a classmate “beatbox” at the lunch table for the first time. With no formal introduction to the art form, Gualo began to mimic and develop what he considered beatboxing. He carried this talent throughout the years with a strong influence from Hip-Hop music until his high school years when he was introduced to the drum kit at his home church in Coral Gables, FL (CCC Gables). As his passion for creating music increased, his interest for music production did too, causing him to purchase his first recording gear at only 15 years of age. With no reasonable space for a home studio, Gualo found no better place than his walk-in closet to begin recording. Writing songs, making beats, recording himself and other local talent became less of a hobby and more of a career path. Wanting to be an aspiring music producer, he made no better choice than to pick up the piano at 16 and the guitar a year later. Along the way, he developed an unbreakable friendship with Sony’s current Latin-American pop-country singer Sammy Arriaga ( playing shows around town, writing songs and recording at home. Not long after Arriaga’s
partition to Nashville, TN, Gualo met who would become his musical mentor for years to come: Latin-GRAMMY Nominated recording artist Jose Valentino
( This mentorship extended to opportunities like being on the road, teaching workshops across seas, playing music festivals and recording with other multi-award winning musicians as music director of CrossMatch Vamp and Fusion CCC, allowing his work to reach goals he never imagined like winning Downbeat Music Awards (2013-2014) and becoming a Latin-GRAMMY Nominated engineer (2015). He attended Miami Dade-College for over two years studyingDanskin music and later transferred to Miami Int’l University where he graduated with a B.S. in Audio Production (2014). After his success and experience at such early age, Gualo decided to experiment and became eager to find out what would happen if he applied every one of his respectable musical abilities such as, producing, songwriting, beatboxing, playing multiple
instruments and of course, engineering into one single project. Although his musical tendencies have always derived from his strongest and inevitable influences like Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Jason Mraz, Gualo found himself shaping and personalizing his “sound” with his genuine off-the-stage lively and humorous personality. After writing over 40 songs and before recording any first draft of this project, Gualo gathered his band (Joint Revelation) to perform these songs live, practically “cold-read”, tracked and filmed in a multimillion dollar recording studio in MIU. With a power-band of multi-award winning musicians such as Johnathan Hulett on drums and percussion, Jose Valentino on bass, flutes and sax, Samson Lu on violin and Ricky Cors on electric guitar and bass, and everyone on backup vocals, it was hard not to have a good take or two of each song. These sessions were named “BEFORE THE RECORD Sessions @MIU” which inspired the overall sound of the record itself.

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