Gio Cadario

Julio Cadario (born February 27, 1992), known by his artist name Gio Cadario, is a Bolivian/Italian actor, recording artist and songwriter. He was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and his talent started with a career in acting. Gio began when he started taking classes with famous Mexican actress, Adriana Barraza (nominated to an Oscar for best supporting actress in the movie, Babel). Gio then went on to Guest star in various Telenovelas in Telemundo, such as “Relaciones Peligrosas” and in commercials for Samsung, Citibank, Univision and for MTV2 with the latin band “Calle 13”. It wasn’t until 2010 that he did a Casting for the new “Menudo” boy band, that he realized he had vocal talent. Giuliano competed against hundreds of contestants where he was selected as a finalist, but unfortunately, the project was cancelled. Gio was then approached by the executive casting director of the band and was advised that he would have better success as a soloist. Gio then decided to record a demo with music producer, Mario Gil (Vanessa Williams Album) where he recorded the balad “Arcoiris”. “Arcoiris” is co- written and composed by Gio and Monica Soria-Galvarro and is the first song of many that Gio wrote and helped him discover his talent as a songwriter. Gio’s musical influences are Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull & J Balvin. Gio’s professional music career began when he caught the attention of music producer, Jose Chandi from B4DN Records and recorded his first single under Chandis guidance. Gio’s first single, “Vive la Vida” in Pop/Reggaeton has a positive message and talks about “enjoying life to the fullest, no matter what difficulties you may go through”. “Vive la Vida” is a song that targets all audiences and ages. The video clip of “Vive la Vida” is on youtube and ¨Quiero tenerte¨ second single Video has been launched. Gio currently resides in Miami, FL where he continues working with his third single ¨devuelveme¨

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