Fabian Alexander

Singer song writer and entertainer Fabian Alexander was born in Bogota Colombia. His musical abilities were inspired by his grandmother and mother initially. However his artistic roots lead back to his Grandfather painter and sculptor Antonio Palomino Tobar with most of his ancestral lineage primarily composed of artists, leading directly to Aciscio Antonio Palomino De Castro Y Velasco. In 1989 he moved to Queens NY with his family. At 10 years old Fabian was already singing in the school chorus and openly participating in plays and school events. By age 14 his family decided to move to Orlando, FL where his older brother paid for his guitar lessons and further encouraged his musical talents.
At 15 Fabian had already formed his first garageband. and was actively playing at house parties and local gigs. His musical influences are diverse and spawn from all latin/African and American cultural roots to pop, funk, soul, hip hop and more. He currently resides in Miami FL, working as an independent creative musical artist and has worked with producer Dennis Nieves. Aside from being a singer/songwriter and entertainer Fabian is also a talented graphic designer producing all of the signage and advertisements to the charity organizations in their effort for humanitarian aide. Fabians focus is share his love for music and continually release new music and music videos.

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