Exigent , which means “demanding”, “urgent”, or “extreme”, is the word that inspired this fresh, new band. Guitarist Jacob Elalouf was sitting in English class during a class reading of Julius Caesar. He glanced at a page and his gaze fell upon an unfamiliar, yet interesting word. It left such an impact on him, that he thought it would be the perfect name for his band. With that, along came vocalist Cassie Ortiz, bassist Jessica Elalouf, and drummer Steven Salguero. Each member is creatively distinct, fusing various musical genres, influences and backgrounds ranging from classic rock to musical theatre. Playing songs from Heart and Halestorm to Foo Fighters. This unique fusion creates a distinct, solid sound that defines this powerful unit known as Exigent.
Each member has their own story to tell.
Lead Singer, Cassie Ortiz (17), for example, at age 10, discovered her destiny at a birthday party where she fell in love with music singing with friends. She has since gone on to win several major competitions, including the International Vocal competition for American Protégé at Carnegie Hall, South Florida Kids Got Talent, and the Boca Kids Got Talent.
Jessica Elalouf (20), Bassist, on the other hand, did not discover her affinity for bass until she began high school. She believes the bass chose her, something that seemed to “fall into her lap.” As she moved on to college, she immersed herself in musical studies and landed the prestigious role as the bass player for her university’s music program.
Jacob Elalouf (16), Lead Guitarist, took his first guitar lesson at age 6 and remembers his first performance which was in kindergarten. He distinctly remembers the sound of the audience clapping for him and it was at that moment he realized that he wanted to become a rock star. Since then he has graced many musical stages across the country.
Siblings, Jacob and Jessica are members of Brotherhood of the Guitar, a prestigious organization for young musicians, headed by Robert M. Knight. They are also both endorsed by Ernie Ball. Steven Salguero (18), Drummer, found his love for music by listening to rock & roll. Coming from a long line of soccer players, Steven didn’t feel that soccer was his calling. Instead, he found comfort in music and knew he wanted to become a musician. Eager to learn, at age 12, he picked up a pair of sticks and began to teach himself drums. By age 14, he started playing drums for the band at his church and it was shortly thereafter, that Jacob and Steven’s musical paths crossed. Quickly, they became friends and together, they have rocked many stages, including opening for Rockfest 80’s concert in 2017, alongside artists such as Joan Jett and Cheap Trick.
We have been actively writing original music and perfecting our own sound. Together, our demanding style, creates an aggressive yet hook-heavy sound making us a powerhouse. We are extremely grateful for all of the opportunities that have come our way and are excited about what the future has in store for us!
Please reach out with any questions or feedback, as we are trying to learn as much as we can from as many resources as possible! Thank you and hope you enjoy our exigent music and style!

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