Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez, Ecuadorian singer songwriter, was Featured Artist at Play Crossroads contest on April 2013, a competition involving 2587 bands and artists from around the world. Daniel Sanchez was among the top finalists within the contest. During 2013, Daniel Sanchez was in the rankings of the main radio stations of Ecuador, with its single PLACER , among the most played, requested by the audience and listed in some rankings as Best Entry to the ranking lists, plus he participated as Principal Artist in the Presentation of Candidates for Queen of Quito 2013 (Capital of Ecuador). In Ecuador he was nominated for Best New Artist in 2012 by Los 40 Principales, and by My National Bands as Best New Artist in 2012 and Projection Artist in 2011. His musical output has been greeted with interviews and reports from leading newspapers, radios and television channels of Guayaquil and Quito. In late 2009, Daniel Sánchez started the production and recording of her first album MI MUNDO. The album collects his most significant compositions between 1997 and 2009. His songs consist of stories of life, love and hope. The singer dabbled in music since childhood. He studied music with a number of excellent Ecuadorian musicians, primarily at Mozarte Conservatory and at San Francisco University. Daniel Sanchez’s music fuses POP with a variety of genres such as REGGAE, ROCK, BLUES, FUNK, and more. Daniel Sánchez was born in Quito (Ecuador) on November 8, 1980, comes from a large family of musicians, including Juan Carlos Teran, Felipe Terán and Francisco Terán, former members of the Bands Diablo Brothers and Contravía.
He began his musical training in guitar at age 14 with Mauricio Noboa, a recognized Ecuadorian jazz guitarist and composer. Daniel Sanchez formed his first rock band at the age of 16 with Diego Saa ( former bassist of Green 70 ), then was part of the Band of Fausto Miño. Prior to start his solo career, he formed the Diesel Band, a band dedicated to perform 80’s music, the band was also integrated by Sebastian Maldonado (former keyboardist of Mozzarella). Daniel Sanchez songs HERMOSA , UNA VEZ MAS, UN LUGAR MEJOR and PLACER are on air in national broadcasting radio stations from different Ecuadorian cities like: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Porto Viejo, Manta, Santo Domingo, Riobamba, Machala, Esmeraldas, Francisco de Orellana (El Coca), Lago Agrio ( Sucumbios ). Daniel Sanchez has participated in several press, radio and television interviews, as well as concerts.

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