Cave of Swimmers


Rock Art: A term often used when referring to once forgotten man-made markings sketched into natural stone. From the depths of Caracas, Venezuela, something brewed. It was 1993, lush mountains hugged the city, and the fading summer heat weighed heavy. New kid Guillermo walked into his fourth grade class and sat next to Arturo. He immediately took out a pencil and started marking up the wall of his desk: Metallica, AC/DC… Their cosmic connection became etched in stone, or rather, in rock music. The duo left Venezuela separately in the early 2000’s, only to come together again in Miami, FL, to form their band Cave of Swimmers. “It’s the music we were always meant to be making,” says Arturo. As if they conjured up some ancient prophesy, a researcher connected with an excavation team of the real-life Cave of Swimmers “a cave with ancient rock art in the mountains of the Libyan Desert section of the Sahara,” heard about the band from friend Jason Newsted of Metallica. He reached out, excited about the band’s connection to the research that would one day “stun the world… “prince of the power of the air’” style. Coincidence or fate, this all felt too eerie.
Since the band’s conception, this Florida-based power duo continues to earn a reputation as a beautifully strange and artistic musical force, rich with wild and colorful dynamics and genre-bending soundscapes. They have toured the country, garnering fans across the US, and have a surprising international following in Europe, South America, Australia, and Russia despite never having been overseas. They were also invited to play at the Psycho Las Vegas Festival in 2016 along side Sleep, Blue Oyster Cult, Electric Wizard, among others.
The writing is on the wall, pun intended. Simply put, the Cave of Swimmers has never stopped making Rock Art.

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