Not only for being a two member band, but also for the power of a sound that at present time is almost nonexistent in the latin american rock scene, Cabaleta is one of the newer rock acts that is generating a ton of buzz. This band presents a sound that revitalizes and modernizes the purest essence of Rock N’ Roll; an essence which nowadays is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Their first single titled “Gitana” was recorded this past April in New York City under the direction of Latin Grammy Award winner Carlos Imperatori with the helping hand of Hector Castillo. Gitana’s release is accompanied by the release of its music video, now available on YouTube. The music video was filmed in NYC and directed by Octopustudio’s Joseph Silva and Eduardo Whaite. During the next few weeks, they will be playing several shows to promote their new single, Gitana, which is now available on all major streaming platforms. Comprising bassist Guille Noriega and drummer Pipe Barrios, Cabaleta is a rock duo with Colombian origins based in Miami.

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