Bryan Le Mar


Bryan Le Mar is a Guitarist, Producer, and Songwriter currently based in Miami Fl.His credits as a guitarist and musical director include large concert venues as well as live television and radio performances worldwide.As a producer and composer his works have been placed with recording artists, flim and advertizing.Born and raised in New York City, Bryan Le Mar’s mother was an opera singer and his father, a music business manager who became one of the proprietors of the famed live music venue “The Village Vanguard”.At the age of 11 he moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he found himself in the company of musicians from bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Sly and The Family Stone and Player.It wasn’t long before he formed a popular band in Laguna Beach, CA. And soon after Le Mar joined a band in Florida called “Gypsy Queen”to appear on their self titled debut record,which was produced by Jack Douglas who is known for his work with John Lennon, Aerosmith and Alice Cooper.In the late 80”s and through the 90’s Le Mar was traveling between Miami and LA as a guitarist for hire, recording and touring extensively as a guitarist and/or musical director for various artists, record companies and producers,such as the band Cool for August (Warner Brothers) produced by Matt Serletic,and artist Billie Myers (Universal Music) with the massive world wide hit“Kiss the Rain,” co-written and produced by Desmond Child.Assignments of this caliber led to numerous world wide concert performances as well as live appearances on many major radio and television shows,including The Tonight Show in the U.S. and Jools Holland in the UK.Le Mar has been an owner or partner in many recording studio ventures including a partnership to re-open studio D at the historic Criteria Studio in Miami. In recent years Bryan Le Mar is writing and producing music for recording artists, film and advertising,and continues playing various live performances often with notable talents.

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