Alex Alvarez

Being the youngest of three sisters, Alex Alvarez grew up around makeup and hair. As a teenager, Alex became a competitive dancer which further encouraged her into the world of hair and makeup. It was during this time that she realized just how much she enjoyed getting ready for the stage. All the makeup and hair changes made her more passionate about glam than dance. As an adult, Alex has fully emersed herself into her career. With over four years of professional experience, Alex is now a well established Hair and Makeup Artist in Miami, Florida.
Alex provides hair and makeup for all occasions. A lot of her clients happily choose Alex to be their hair and makeup artist for their Weddings and Quinces. Alex also services groups with efficiency and professionalism. Her extensive knowledge in skin care and color makes her a go-to artist for clients with all skin types, age, and tones. Alex is also a 100% Mobile Artist. This makes it much easier for clients who prefer to get ready in the comfort of their home or hotel.

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