Whitney Winkler

Whitney Winkler hails from the heartland of the US, but currently calls Memphis, TN home. She has a steady, gem of a husband, and three little babies who stole her heart and ran away with it. She always loved to create. She’s been a songwriter since she could talk, and has always been a bit heavy-handed with the glitter. Her sister calls her the “more is more” girl, and it couldn’t be more true. As Whitney has grown, she is learning that more of most is more, and that sometimes restraint is the loveliest. She’s always been passionate about beauty and truth.
To her, the combination of those two elements is unstoppable. Painting has come along later in life. She is finding that it is another way to question and answer; express emotion, muddle in, and settle into process. It is like no other medium she’s encountered. She always walk away from a paint brush energized and refreshed. Her love of beauty draws her primarily to the design aesthetic of art. Her favorite design elements are the modern and whimsical. She is always drawn to blues, greens, greys, and pastel everything(s).
Natural elements such as florals and rocks can be found in her work, paired with wafty brush strokes and ink bleeds. Soft and clean lines are best when paired. She loves bold and feminine; neutral and geometric. An extrovert at heart, she is most inspired when in community.
Whitney is so very inspired by the Memphis and online art community, and how much thought is put into the other. Whitney wants her (and all) art to be a spring board for the good of a broader collective, and a boost to the individual heart to boot.

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