Robert Kyle

My name is Robert Kyle, and I am a visual artist in attendance at the University of Memphis for Fine art. I have grown up and lived in Memphis my whole life, and have also been interested in visual art from a very young age. I have always been able to draw well, however I could not have predicted where this simple interest would have taken me me to today. Currently I do work with painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, animation, sculpture and music. My work now is a combination of many of these which are coherently woven together. I set up my canvas to do an oil painting with my camera on a tripod in front of it, and take pictures as i create the painting. I then take these pictures and make a stop motion animation of the painting and set it to music. Therefore in a gallery setting there is an oil painting with a monitor playing the video on repeat next to it with headphones so that you can hear the music as well. It works well to capture the audience and a am infinitely grateful for my instructors who assisted me in figuring out this process.

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