Raffaella Perego

I was born in Lecco (Italy) and I moved to the USA in 2014. I lived in Milwaukee and now I live in Memphis, Tennesee, with my husband and my two boys. When I was a kid my very first passion was coloring, I spent alot of time playing with colors… and I haven’t stopped yet. In 2004 I took my Painting and Restoration Degree at the Aldo Galli’s Academy in Como (Italy). I collaborated as an independent freelancer with leading art workshops performing restorations as well as decorations.This fundamental experience was a real training with professional artists who carried out several works in their long-lasting career in Northern Italy. Thanks to their experience I not only gained self-confidence and professional knowledge, but above all a huge passion for this job. I have worked in public and private buildings, apartments and villas, I have done from simple to very complex decorations. Having lived close to and far from home, every experience has been unique and challenging. My biggest passion is painting. In the last two years I have painted alot, exploring my feelings and transforming them into imagines. If you look at my paintings from top to bottom you can see how the landscape has changed my life. My Wisconsin paintings have both cold colors and melancholic subjects, while my Tennessee paintings are more colorful with softer lines. Another passion for me is working on art restoration of paintings, of frescos and antique objects.

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