Natalie M. Lewis

Natalie is an Author, Speaker, Singer and Songwriter. She is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and has traveled to diverse regions of America and the world singing and speaking. Her journeys span from Memphis, TN to Baltimore, MD and even Prague, Czech Republic. She has self-published the book and workbook entitled To All My Sisters in the Struggle. She has also published articles in the online magazine “Divine Caroline” as well as spoken at various women’s and health crisis centers across Memphis, TN. Natalie aims to bring about an immediate and positive change in the lives of women who are seeking hope for a better way of life. She has a mandate on her life to nurture and help the hurting or damaged hearts in a speedy effective way without them becoming harmed during the process. Having faced many obstacles, she is now a wife and a mother who desires that every child, teen, and young adult realize that with the guidance of God they can overcome any difficulty.

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