Kevin Bowers

My name is Kevin Bowers. I am an artist living in Bartlett, Tennessee. My art has many faces. I like to enjoy many styles and have a blast doing it. My motto is ” if I am not having fun doing it, why should anyone else enjoy it”. I use many mediums such as acrylic and oil to clay and spray paint. I was influenced at a young age by the Impressionists. The colors and light made my eyes dance with enchantment. My first painting at age 11 was in acrylic in an impressionistic style. Most if not all of my paintings are a direct result of that early influence. I was born a poor white boy in the rural parts of north Memphis where I went to school at Raleigh Egypt. My art career started in the 6th grade when I was accepted to the advanced art classes for 7th grade. From there I studied under Darla Linerode and Fred Hutchison. After leaving high school I dabbled in art in various jobs such as silk screening and air brushing. However never really entering the art world per say. It was only when I decided to go to college that I discovered Art was my future. Now at first even after entering college, I was not sure what to study. At first I tried my hand at nursing school. After finding out quickly that was not for me I searched my soul to find out what I wanted to do with my life. What I did was simply tear away the things that was not me. What was left was an artist. It was there the entire time but I could not see it. My life had come full circle. I was back where I started. After first starting out as an Art Education major, I later turned to Studio Fine Arts. I felt that Art Education did not offer the amount of studio classes that are needed in a Fine Art’s education. During school I started putting my previous business training to work and started to sell my art work. I have since had many Art openings, been in Art Festivals and many shows. I have had my Art accepted into three Student Juried Art Gallery Shows at The University of Memphis. I now sell my art work local and International. I received my B.F.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Memphis in the Spring of 2015 and worked as a Visual Arts Teacher for Shelby County Schools and Tipton County Schools. I also attended Memphis College of Art Graduate program for teacher licensure.

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