Kevin Barré

I love traveling, eating damn good food, and watching romantic movies with my Nikki. I’m also passionate about taking pictures, even when I’m not working. I love sleeping with the windows open when the air is cool and crisp. I love the smell of a campfire and the sound wind makes when it blows through pine trees. I love camping and being outdoors. I love spur-of-the-moment road trips to random places on the map. I love how quiet it is in the city at night when it snows, and I love the sound of distant trains in the dark. I’m not a redneck (not even close), but I love my ’78 Trans Am and the thumbs-up I get from everyone that sees it. I love finding the beauty in just about everything. It helps me create great images. Your wedding day is going to be a blur. One of the greatest compliments I regularly get is that my couples see things in my images that they don’t remember happening. I’ve come to realize that after a short while, my clients really only remember their wedding through my images. Some weddings are really easy, but many of them are extremely complicated. Having an experienced professional on hand shooting your images when everything is going south can mean the difference between cherished memories and a lifetime of regrets. I’ve shot nearly 600 weddings over the years, and I take that responsibility very seriously. We don’t get a “do-over.” I shoot weddings in the highest quality imaginable. I never double book wedding days—and don’t pre-set time limits for all but our elopement packages—so I can devote my complete attention to shooting the absolute best images I know how. If I couldn’t do that, then I wouldn’t shoot weddings. I want every one of my clients to be thrilled with the images I provide.

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