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Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance LLC was born from a desire to share a love of Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance with the Memphis community and was formed under the direction of Natasha McCallister.freedom of movement, artistic outlet and feminine bonding it offered. It didn’t take her long to realize she had a penchant for belly dancing. With a broad musical and performance background Natasha has had a passionfor performing since she was young. She regularly attends classes and workshops with notable belly dancers to maintain and advance her dancing skills. Natasha teaches belly dance through Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance and performs at various stage, convention, private and festival venues and has performed with the Memphis Raqs troupe, other Memphis belly dance groups and with the International Shimmy Mob charity (team leader 2017). She also plays the doumbek, bodhran and zills and dances with veil, swords, cane and other props. Natasha has choreographed many solos and group pieces and enjoys performing and making her own costuming. She even enjoys the occasional overly dramatic and theatrical “just for fun” dance piece. Natasha was an original member of Alima Tribe, founded in 2012. In 2015 she began to pursue a professional teaching and dance business. In 2017 she was invited to join the Mystic River Dancers as part of their multi-cultural performance troupe. Today, Natasha continues to perform and teach as Karsilama Tribal Belly Dance and expands her belly dancing world by incorporating other dance styles such as American Tribal Style (ATS®/FCBDS®),Persian/Turkish, Romani, Tahitian, Tunisian, dark fusion and more as well as new props (such as poi or fire fans) and musical instruments.Natasha has taken workshops under Donna Mejia, Jules Downum, Kami Liddle, Mira Betz, Kassar Tribal, Devilla Raks, Isidora Hart (x2), Zoe Jakes, Carolena Nericcio (x2), Devi Mamak, Megha Gavin, Jennifer Nolan, SuperBeth (x2), Silvia Salamanca (x2), Petite Jamilla and other prominent belly dancers.

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