Kaitlyn Becker Johnson

Kaitlyn Becker JohnsonThis journey started when I was just a kid in a newspaper photography darkroom, hanging around a crew of incredible photographers in the 90s. Sometime in my teenage years my father came home from a day working for our local Rhode Island newspaper, The Providence Journal, with a great story. He got to meet a couple who met before the holocaust and married after surviving for years through tragedy. He showed me their faces, their hands intertwined, their tattooed numbers, and I just knew I wanted to be a visual storyteller like him. I was fascinated. I knew that true photojournalism; raw and honest photography of the beauty of life; was the most valuable gift I could ever give. Some of my favorite things are collecting memories, and I have collected hundreds of postcards from around the world. I also love a well made guacamole and an IBC cream soda after a long day of hiking or camping along the Appalachian Trail. I currently reside in Memphis, Tn with my husband Josiah and our playful cat, Amelia. We’re new to Memphis after being in Virginia for 7 years, so let us know how we can serve you!

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