Igor Mazor

My name is Igor Mazor and I’m an editorial family photographer based in Memphis, Tennessee. Born in Ukraine, my life and work has taken me all over the continental US, Europe, and Russia. Ever since I owned my first camera at the age fifteen, my love for photography, as a form of expression, has continuously grown into my career. Although I’ve worked with various types of photography over the years, I can say with certainty that my passion for this work comes from people. From personalities and moods to deep-rooted feelings, it’s these meaningful and intangible things that elicit emotions and reactions from my audiences. It’s what separates simple snapshots from powerful photographs; appealing to more than just our sense of sight. For me, photography is meant to encapsulate emotion, allowing for a re-experiencing of a moment, and sharing that with loved ones. Getting the family together for a photograph can be difficult, that’s why I specialize in fun, relaxed, and creative family portrait photography. My work is of stark contrast to the dry and dull nearby photo-centers. I’m happy to play around with quirky ideas and big group scenarios, because I know that a special moment can happen in the funniest ways. When you choose Igor Mazor Photography, you’re not hiring some bland business that’ll send out uninterested freelancers; you’re hiring me personally. I see to every aspect of your photographs, from the capturing to the final proofs, guaranteed. What I do is a quite a bit different than a typical portrait photographer. While I do suggest poses, I typically take a multitude of shots, trying to capture the best and most natural moments. Often times, my favorite shots are those that are entirely unposed, that simply feel and look like a family enjoying the time together. With my photograph 100% of my effort goes into giving my very best work to my clients. With such a satisfied and growing base of clients, I hope I can make you and your family feel the same way.

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