Greg Gustafson

Greg GustafsonGreg Gustafson was born in Milford, CT in 1968. Residing in Memphis, TN with wife and fellow artist Caroline Gustafson since the early 1990s, he produces work from his home studio which reflects his love for the landscapes of the Southeastern US. These paintings are the result of a lifelong fascination with the tranquility of nature and its overwhelming ability to elevate the human spirit. Far beyond merely illustrating the landscape, my objective in painting is to convey atmospheres of mood intermingled with images of pristine natural beauty. The explorations of color and light express my meditations on the ever-changing environment in both nature and the human psyche. My technique is a combination of on site survey and in studio recomposition. The work is at once the rendering of a time and place in nature, but also an interpretation by memory, encapsulating the emotions inspired and evoked at the time of my observation. I find this particular balance of style and substance has benefited my work greatly, revealing a whole new universe of possibilities.

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