Cecil Humphreys

A man deeply connected to his Southern roots, Cecil Humphreys demonstrates his discerning, calm nature and wry wit in each work of art. With an uncanny ability to peer into the hearts of his diverse clientele, Cecil serves as the keeper of their vision and soul in creating works of subtle strength and timeless beauty. Cecil Humphreys Bronze artworks literally will last for millennia. A lifelong resident of Memphis, Tennessee, Cecil has traveled the world and enjoyed stints in New York and Paris. Although trained in painting and printmaking at college in Dallas, Texas, his appreciation grew over the years for three-dimensional sculptural forms and materials. After his first visit to a bronze foundry near Memphis, the warmth and depth of bronze and the intricacies lost wax casting process captivated his attention. “Bowls or vessels are utilitarian, and at the same time they convey a sense of calmness, peace and permanence. Throughout various ages and cultures, our primitive response to that form, along with the sculptural beauty and possibilities of that form are of particular interest to me,” explains the artist. Sculpture is very accessible, and down through the ages bronzes have provided a preferred legacy and means of recording social and cultural history. From playful to traditional, from African inspired to early Etruscan, Cecil Humphreys Bronze fulfills the collector’s yearning for works of art that are gracious, lovely and timeless.

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