Tom Washatka

Saxophonist, composer, arranger, recording engineer/producer Tom Washatka has been performing, producing and recording music for over 4 decades. Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Washatka started playing piano at age nine, picked up the clarinet 4 years later then saxophone. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 1981 and immediately opened a recording studio Steel Moon Recording. Releasing his 1st album in 1983 “Island Dancer” along with pianist/composer John Harmon. In 1999 he released his CD “Easy To Love” gaining rave reviews. His latest recording is the music of Bob Dylan arranged for Big Band. Tom currently performs with his quartet, Tom Washatka Quorum, as well as the contemporary jazz/fusion quartet KWT and has performed all over the United States, Japan and Germany. An acclaimed producer and recording engineer for Stellar Records/Steel Moon recording studio he has recorded over 20 CDs for Stellar Records with his wife/vocalist Janet Planet. As well as over a dozen CDs for independent artists singer/songwriters including guitarist Gene Bertoncini, pianist John Harmon, cellist Matt Turner and vocalist Nancy King to name a few. He enjoys producing backing tracks for artists recording demos. His passion is in realizing the music of others. Tom is owner and composer for one of the most popular music libraries, “Narrator Tracks Music”. Starting as a composer with the library in 1989, over 120 CDs and 750 compositions later he now owns the company. His award winning music has been featured in movies and documentaries nationally as well as world-wide. The diversity of what Tom does invigorates his curiosity and keeps things fresh. Whether performing, recording, writing or arranging all the parts contribute to the sum.

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