Sarah Zeisser

Sarah is the former coach of the nationally ranked University of Wisconsin Dance Team and a former member of the nationally ranked University of Minnesota Dance Team. Sarah is also a former instructor for West Side Performing Arts in Madison, Wisconsin under the direction of Sharon Butler. Sarah currently teaches for the Madison Professional Dance Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Sarah acts as a choreographer and consultant for studio-based, elementary, high school, all-star and collegiate dance teams across the Midwest. Some clients include the World Champion Hartford Energizers, Marquette University Dance Team, Appleton North Dance Team, and Synergy Dance Academy Competition Team. Sarah is also a former instructor and choreographer for Universal Dance Association, and is a veteran judge for the National College Dance Team Championships and National High School Dance Team Championships hosted by UCA/UDA and televised on ESPN. Sarah is an American Ballet Theatre® Certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Primary through Level 3 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum. Sarah has also provided commentary for the Wisconsin State Dance Team Competition with “When We Were Young” Productions and Fox Sports Wisconsin. Sarah possesses over 30 years of dance experience in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, modern, hip hop, and pom pon.
I believe in the idea that all forms of dance come from the heart and the passion that you put into every dance is your fire. Your heart is where your fire lives. The time, effort, practice, dedication, and passion that is put into your dancing is fueled by the desire to be the very best dancer you can be.
I feel that dance education is much more than learning steps set to music. Through dance, I possess a deep appreciation of the art and an understanding of the discipline and artistic expression created from movement. The dancer’s movement is not only aesthetic, but a means of communicating emotions, beliefs, and experiences through the beauty of the human body. These tools provide a deeper awareness of ones’ self physically and emotionally, and allow the dancer personal growth that can be applied to all aspects of life. My hope is to convey these thoughts and feelings to my students and help them to create and develop their own philosophy of dance. My goal is to provide guidance while encouraging dancers to express their inner movement so that they may share it outwardly with others. I hope to help dancers find the satisfaction and fulfillment that dance can create. I have been fortunate and grateful that my teachers have continually helped me and out of respect and admiration for these people, I would like to pass on their knowledge and share my passion. If you ask any dancer why he or she dances, they often grasp for the words to describe the reasons why they do what they do. They might tell you that it is a feeling of fulfillment, a feeling of completeness, a feeling of being completely free; a feeling like no other. Personally, dancing makes me feel as if the fire in my heart has consumed my entire body and has put my passion on display for the rest of the world to see. I dance to fuel my fire. My goal is to share my passion, find the fire within each dancer, and fan their flames.

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