Sara Terzian

It was Mrs. Terzian, my 5th grade teacher, who first understood that I think better if my hands are involved. She would let me add an illustration to every project or report we were working on. And I have had something in my hands ever since. At different times in my life it has been a litho crayon, a colored pencil, the tools of a sculptor, or a camera. Now it is a paintbrush. And watercolor.
I grew up in California and was fortunate to go to a great high school in a day when public schools were very well funded. The art department could not have been better with 3 full time instructors and all the disciplines taught. From there I went to California State University, Chico, where I almost earned an art degree. But a desire to travel won out and I took off for the mountains of Colorado.
Colorado is where I began a serious relationship with watercolor {and Michael}. I am self taught in the medium. Because of my strong background in both drawing and photography, it was natural that the two would inform my work. I work from my own photography, using it mostly to capture and reference that moment when I am in the landscape. Each piece begins with a fairly detailed drawing. Then comes a process of layering glazes of watercolor pigment until I reach the color density I desire. At this point I begin a process of lifting; scrubbing and pulling up pigment to let the light back into my painting. My pieces are carefully constructed interpretations of the natural world from a very close perspective.
I have been fortunate along the way to have experienced the gift of mentorship. Most notably was the time I spent working in the studio of Alexander Nepote during my college years. Alex”””””’”s paintings were enlarged representations of the landscape full of texture and exaggerated color and his work was a huge influence on my developing style. I employ his technique of layering paint and papers using acrylic medium when creating my rock pieces. I was also blessed with a healthy dose of wanderlust, traveling and living in several states in the west. I finally settled down in Wisconsin where I have raised a family and continued with my artwork. Michael and I live in the beautiful Baraboo Bluffs and here my connection to place informs my artistry daily.

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