Paul Stiegler

Paul Stiegler

Growing up in Minnesota, Paul Stiegler bought his first guitar while attending college in the fall of 1970 for $20. It was an old, beat-up classical guitar that he barely knew how to play. The thought that this purchase would lead him, all these years later, to striving to be a professional singer/songwriter, never even crossed his mind. Through the years, after enjoying performing barbershop, musical theater, and even opera, singing and playing guitar with friends and family became one of his most inspiring passions. Playing made him want to play more and more, further enamoring him with this profound art form. Therefore, because of its importance in the art of songwriting, Paul found himself drawn to Nashville, Tennessee, where he’s traveled extensively to learn and improve his craft. Over the years, influenced by his travels, loved ones, and the vast world around him, Paul has been drawn to use all kinds of music to express his feelings about his personal experiences. The music making process has become more than just a form of expression, but has become an integral part of who he is and how he interprets the world. Music is the mode through which he is able to express his most intimate thoughts. After over 30 years as an emergency physician, songwriting/music making is his hobby turned second-career. While we have called many places across the globe ‘home’, Paul and his wife Jill live in Madison, Wisconsin and enjoy traveling, especially with and/or to visit their three children, Sam, Jenna, and Amy.

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