Nikki Six


I’m a Singer/Songwriter from Wisconsin and most recently a Producer of my own tunes pertaining to my life and love of music in every aspect. This is the first time I’m “putting myself out there.” I started singing at a young age and just feel and connect with sound. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s listening to just about everything on the radio. I’ve participated in different Choir’s, and had many times to help others. Music to me is going to be a never-ending process of progression. I feel that I’m just at the beginning of my music career. Thrilled to work hard and see what happens from there. I’m always willing to give anything a listen.
There are always good aspects to any tune. I listen to just about every genre of music, have met a lot of interesting people in the art and music industry. There is technology out right now that I didn’t know was out there until about two years ago. Didn’t previously have as much time or money to invest in getting a better sound. Creating music of my own and just being able to tell a story about life’s loves, Struggles and never ending tests of faith is important to me.

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