Mike Murray


My goal is to create photographs that capture the beauty, solitude and mystery of the natural world. I strive for results that are both artistically and technically sound. My work is an extension of my love for the landscapes and the wildlife that surround us. I am on an endless search to capture dynamic images that create an emotional and peaceful connection for the viewer. I am inspired by landscapes, wide vistas and intimate settings, the beauty of nature, and subjects that are representations of days gone by. I prefer to shoot in isolated areas. I find that the peacefulness of isolation brings me closer to the subjects that I am documenting. It helps me to reflect on the experience of seeing. For me, nature photography is less about getting the perfect shot and more about experiencing the wonderment of the natural world. My “alone” time in nature gives me time for introspection about what my role is in this world of photography. It is to document so that others can experience something that they may or may never have the opportunity to see.
I shoot the majority of my photographs during the hours of dawn and dusk and am always looking for times when the atmosphere is in an agitated state. Recording the image in the camera is just the beginning. I try very hard to reduce the amount of post capture processing, but there are times when I feel it is necessary to alter the image in a way that creates a more artistic feel. It is imperative that my photographs fit the artistic vision in my head. I am a self- taught photographer that began my artistic journey in 1984. It has grown into a serious pursuit since 2009 and I have recently added group workshops and individual instruction as educational offerings. I am always looking for and experimenting with new techniques to grow my body of work. It is my intent to continue a never ending quest for artistic development and the exploration of new techniques. Through my photographs i hope to evoke an emotion, stir a memory or generate the beginnings of a new experience.

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