Mark A. Fischer

Mark is a contemporary sculptor and member of the Oneida Nation of Green Bay, Turtle Clan. He was involved in Native American education at an administrative level for 12 years, and was instrumental in establishing several Native American scholarships for Wisconsin colleges. He continues to be an advocate of education by promoting the importance of Native American awareness through his sculpture, and by his interactive storytelling-style with perspective customers and young audiences.
Many of his designs are inspired by ancient Woodland petroglyphs and pictographs celebrating nature, gender and Native art and culture. The sculptures are created from copper as were decorative and functional items from the Great Lakes area tribes. Each sculpture is hand cut, welded in silver and then air brushed with a patina finish to enhance the copper’s natural aging process. To give some pieces even more life and a three dimensional form, he utilizes an old expanded welding technique taught to him by his grandfather. Traditional Iroquois border designs, quill and beaded symbols and patterns created in copper complement his sculptures while visually teaching Native art history. Select sculptures are embellished with deer hide, antlers, traditionally wrapped antique trade beads and horsehair. Each sculpture’s descriptive tag includes a name written in English and in the Oneida language. A second tag tells an Oneida/Iroquois story, prayer, poem or cultural statement. He’s recently added a line of functional art including tables, chairs, benches and tree lamps adorned with traditional Iroquois floral designs and ancient patterns. It is said that the ancient nations did not have a written language, but if you look, you will see they have left messages all over our nation. It is an honor to share these non-verbal messages through his art. He is proud of his Native American heritage.

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