Lina & David

We were both neck deep in the ‘American Dream’, Lina working in the IT department at a prominent Midwest bank and David working as the Sales Director for a large outdoor manufacturer. We had big offices, comfy paychecks, a mortgage, new cars and just about everything else that comes with a corporate lifestyle. For 13 years we traveled while working full time jobs. It all started quite normal, the annual vacation to somewhere warm. Slowly it built to two annual trips, three annual trips and long weekend trips on top of it all whenever we could get away. Travel became a huge part of our lives and we spent the better part of those 13 years exploring 30 countries together.
In 2010 we honeymooned in SE Asia. Yes, we are those people that took a 3 week backpacking trip through Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia for their honeymoon! It was on that trip that we learned about long term travel and after talking to some people that had left their ‘normal’ lives behind and hit the road, we were bit by the long term travel bug and an incredible thirst to explore the World. We mulled over it for 3 years, trying to decide if we could even make it happen and of course figuring out if we wanted to give up the quintessential American dream for a life of travel. In 2013, we made the ultimate decision to come up with a plan for our escape and execute it.

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