Kaye and John Luetke


Kaye lives with her husband John in Pierce County Wisconsin where they enjoy a life in the country. Her art degree is from UW River Falls where her focus was in oil painting and drawing. Enjoying so many different art mediums she has also worked in stained glass and these later years clay. She also finds “art” in gardening and the animals she keeps.
Art for me no matter what medium I’m using is a delightful journey into the heart of God. I am inspired by what He has created and use that in my art be it fish, landscapes, mushrooms or large 7’ sculptures of golden lamp stands.
Presently I’ve been working with clay mostly, as it satisfies my desires to work with my hands, printing into the clay leaves and organic material I find growing around me. As I paint the glazes on the clay creating pictures with the layers of color, it is a journey.
One of discoveries from the starting point inside me until all can see, each piece unique in beauty and the story that it tells.

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