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I am a photography enthusiast. My passion for telling stories from behind the lens has been long standing. I live between Madison & Janesville in probably the sweetest little town Wisconsin has to offer. My children are THE BEST photography location scouters. They have made me appreciate the art of multi-tasking. They have forced me to recognize how important it is to take breaks and play just as hard as I work. Having four amazing children helps me to appreciate the greatness of the small moments on big days and importance of saving the memories.
Connection is everything, not only between you and your loved ones but between you and your photographers. I love it when everyone stops noticing my camera and feels free to just be, but it’s hard to “act natural” when someone has a camera pointed in your direction!! So I specialize in offering subtle direction to help you look your best to create those epic wedding day portraits. I am passionate about wedding photojournalism, family lifestyle documentation and business branding.

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