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The theory behind K.A.O.S. is a simple formula. Play what you love, Have fun, and the fans will respond. It has worked, and will continue to work. K.A.O.S. was formed by Charly Etscheidt with the intent on taking over the local cover band scene. The 80’s produced the best Guitar riffs, thunderous drums and loudest screamers in past and future decades of rock. Nothing compared to that era prior and since. This was the benchmark of what was to become a premier 80’s Rock cover band. K.A.O.S. was born!!!!
K.A.O.S.added Brad Wallom as their percussionist. Brad brings 35 years of slamming precision to the band. The line up was completed when Andy Mertins and Dave Austin were added. Andy has years of fronting some of the areas most dominant cover bands. Andy’s vocal range allows K.A.O.S. to flourish with its 80’s cover songs. Most vocalist’s try, but fail, to replicate the 80’s range while Andy excels at it! Dave is a multi talented musician. Dave’s talent does not stop at being the Bassist of K.A.O.S. Dave is a guitarist in his other project and is currently attending the Madison Media Institute.
Since its inception, K.A.O.S. played as a successful supporting act for a year. Also, being a part of the Worlds Famous Bratfest line ups in 2014. Like most bands, it was time to venture on our own. With K.A.O.S. first full night alone at The Lockeroom Bar and Grill, the fans came out in full support, the place was packed!!

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