Jennika Bastian

Jennika BastianJennika’s creations develop from psychological and emotional experiences that leave a vivid and tangible impression on her. Her work is inspired by in-between spaces of her middle world : the connective flow of dreams and waking, growth and decay, the ebb of energetic ephemerality.
She is interested in creating characters that share stories of evolution within her psyche. She currently working on a body of work exploring the visual power of oral folktales. She graduated in 2013 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from UW Madison, and have sinceJENNIKA BASTIAN been employed at Madison Children’s Museum, creating collaborative art with kids and working behind the scenes on exhibits. Her freelance work includes illustrating a young adult fantasy series, collaborative installation design for the Burning Man festival, imaginative character costumes, paintings and murals. In her free time she enjoys boarding, tree climbing, making up stories with her sister, hanging out with her bearded dragon and adventuring.

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