Jennifer M. Stevens


Jennifer M. Stevens, is considered a multi-faceted vocalist and visual artist. Her life’s journey has been exploring various mediums from the visual to the performing arts. For the past 20 years Stevens has woven a creative life as a painter, Oneida-Iroquois potter, sculptor, creative writer, graphic designer, and photographer; with additional creative threads as a classically trained singer and composer.
Stevens feels as she develops and strives a certain professional level in her career as a musician and artist, she will eventually dedicate the rest of her life encouraging others in the arts through a Children’s Creative Arts Foundation of her own. In the meantime, Stevens will continue to engage in the arts and all the wonderful experiences of her life. Although Stevens is active as an artist and Oneida-Iroquois Pottery Instructor throughout Wisconsin her primary focus is in singing opera and composing original music for her recitals.
Stevens, a Lyric Spinto Soprano, continues to share her love for music and performing in various venues such as; the Green Bay Civic Symphony, Choir/Student Recitals in Germany, Austria, and Italy, Native American Music Awards, Club Italo-Americano, First Nations Composer Initiative Concerts, Heard Museum in partnership with the Arizona Opera, Oneida Nation Museum, Meyer Theatre of Green Bay, WI, and will be featured in the documentary, “’: The Music Within Jennifer Stevens,” produced by Eileen Littig and Dean Thomas.

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