Heidi Krause


Heidi continues to teach, choreograph and produce work both collaboratively and independently. She teaches occasional workshops for the UW Continuing Studies Division, and wellness organizations such as the Iris Kaplan Center in Manhattan, NY. She continues to set original choreography on students and professional dancers via commission, most recently for Central Midwest Ballet, members of Kanopy Dance Co, Madison Contemporary Vision, and National Water Dances, Inc.
She has collaborated on projects with visual artists such as Agata Surma, poets such as Chloe Hooton, and organizations such as Urban Rhythms (NYC) and Global Water Dances Inc.
Krause has studied across four continents, studying creative therapies, dance and movement methods, fine arts and local crafts, alongside guided studies of prevalent influences of politics and religious belief systems, as well as social developments in each area.
Currently, in the times of COVID-19, all live showings of Heidi’s choreographic work are postponed, but much effort is being put into developing dance films and a painting portfolio.
Updates to come!

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